Data center design

In-depth layout across the country to take full advantage of rich big data resources
@hub has Class A qualification in architectural engineering design, and our core and key staffs all have industry related qualification certificates. The scope of design service includes data center construction, structure, park planning, plane layout, process, electricity supply and distribution, air conditioning power, intellectualization, water supply and sewerage fire protection, and rebuilding and expansion of infrastructure, etc.

Scope of design qualifications

  • Fire protection facility engineering design
  • Lighting engineering design
  • Architectural intelligent system design
  • Light steel structure engineering design
  • Architectural fencing engineering design
  • Architectural decoration engineering design

Scope of general engineering contracting qualification

  • General contracting of architectural decoration engineering
  • General contracting of lighting engineering
  • General contracting of architectural intelligent system
  • General contracting of Light steel structure engineering
  • General contracting of Architectural fencing engineering
  • General contracting of Fire protection facility

Design service team

Multi-dimension/3D:Design Institute + Technology Planning Department
01. Design Institute

Class A qualification in architectural design and general engineering contracting qualification with registered capital of RMB one hundred million only

Registered engineers account for more than 60% of all staff

Undertake one single project with no amount limit

  • Drawing standardization
  • Technical support throughout the project
  • Construction drawing deepening/optimizing
  • Drawing design for each stage
  • Plan design
Organizational chart of Design Institute team
02. Technology Planning Department

6 technology teams across the country

Every technology team includes architecture, electricity, HVAC, and weak current/fire protection

Rich in data center experience with design institute background

Registered engineers of the profession account for more than 60% of all staff

  • Operation and maintenance technology support
  • Supplier technology management
  • Project design management
  • Dissection of technology requirements

Design concept and methodology of service team

Data center idea: “technology economics”

Data center architecture design and function partition design methodology-the only methodology of industry

Core concept: function determines form + industry aesthetics + art

Core idea: mathematics + logic

Three energy conservation laws and ITIL capacity planning for infrastructure and Facility

Prototype: best ratio among system, sub-system, component, sub-component and product

Mathematic model: capacity calculation & historical data & combination & operating data-analysis

Core feature of industrial products: function determines form



Redundancy (availability)


Efficiency (PUE)

Industrial design is the design of industrial products based on engineering, aesthetics and economics, which is the product of industrial society in the early 20th century, and its design concept transfers from the original “form follows function” to current “combined with characteristics on the basis of meeting various requirements”.

Design ability of service team

Help owners with fully controlling design quality, provide a solid foundation for overall project to achieve progress, quality, cost and safely controllable

Correct design that doesn’t meet national standards

Reduce design alteration

Reduce design omissions

Optimize construction progress

Reduce time for submission for approval of drawings

More conductive to operation and maintenance in operation and maintenance period under controllable cost

More clear sub-contract interface and reduce on-site modification possibility

How to measure the best data center?

Standard: the best data center is the one with the lowest TCO which meets SLA

The cloud computing competition is cloud computing cost competition in a sense

Cloud computing data center serves cloud computing, and is competition of the cost of data center objectively


Leading CAPEX design (equipment selection + quantities + design modification) + procurement (bargain ability) + construction mode (subcontract) + project management (on-site modification)

Leading OPEX design (design PUE) + equipment selection (efficiency) + server availability (business deployment) + operation and maintenance ability (energy efficiency optimizing) + equipment warranty and spare parts (procurement ability)