Data center planning

Supporting more resource deployment and reducing TCO of the end Customer
Facing the ever-changing application environment and increasing business demands, how to plan and design a data center architecture to support the development of business is what many customers concern about now. Data center consulting and planning service is to help customers formulate 3-5 year plan and design of data center architecture according to customers’ strategic objectives of business development and existing business environment, so that the data center infrastructure can more effectively support existing business systems and new business systems needed to be built in the future.
@hub data center planning and consulting service optimizes data center architecture together with customers, takes modularization as the basic design and planning concept, uses the theory of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) capacity management theory to establish four capacity dimensions of electrical, refrigeration, server architecture and space, and conducts precise capacity planning. We support more resource deployment and try to reduce terminal customers TCO in case of limited resources including electricity and water on the premise of meeting SLA.

Challenges for customers

  • Limitations on capacity
    and development
  • Unplanned increasing in total
    IT resources year by year
  • Unreasonable fencing
    structure of building
  • Substandard structural load
    Inadequate fire protection facilities
  • Insufficient air conditioning cooling capacity
    Unreasonable air distribution
  • Vulnerable power supply system
    Insufficient power supply
In order to solve the above problems, you urgently need to re-plan and design existing data center or rebuild data center according to the new planning and design plan. @hub data center planning and consulting service starts from customers’ business and IT demands, cites international/national/industry standards reasonably, and absorbs data center construction standards prospectively. We balance decisions in multiple dimensions, and help customers achieve cost optimization in construction investment, use efficiency, usability, elasticity and capacity demand. Meanwhile, we use advanced design and analysis tools to achieve value of customer data center.

Customer profit

The design of data center fully considers operation and maintenance
The planning and design of data center infrastructure matches IT development strategy
Fully consider the needs of high-density equipment
Acquire reasonable capacity planning and expansion capability
Reasonably use efficient energy saving technology to build green data center
Acquire the best match between usability/reliability and total cost to save investment