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@hub won two awards of "excellent data center" and "excellent operation service unit"
@hub won the "golden intelligence Award" of financial industry in 2019 - the future company in the field of new generation information technology "
@hub won the title of "advanced unit of energy saving technology innovation in communication industry in 2018-2019"
@hub is honored as the "most growing 5g listed companies" of the 8th China listed companies Summit Forum
@hub won "the most influential enterprise award of IDC industry in 2019"
@hub was honored as the Alibaba’s data center partner which “pulls together in times of trouble”
@hub won two awards of data center in DCIC 2018, including “Excellent Operation Service Unit” and “Excellent Innovative Enterprise”
@hub Shanghai Baoshan Data Center won the recognition award of China’s Green Data Centers as one of the first batch
@hub won the service contribution award of "Yangtze River Delta Data Application (Smart City)"
@hub’s Analysis Technology of Operation, Maintenance and Management of Big Data won “2018 Data Center Science and Technology Progress Award”
On Feb. 8, 2017,@hub was listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Stock short name: @hub, stock code: 603881.
@hub won Alibaba's "Best Supplier" Award.
ZENG Li, founder and CEO of @hub, was awarded the Person of The Year 2016-2017 of Data Center, and@HUB Zhangbei 2A Data Center was awarded the title of 2016-2017 Excellent Data Center (Large).
@hub Zhangbei 2A Data Center was awarded 2017 Data Center Science and Technology Award-Excellent Technology Award (Energy Efficiency).
@hub won the honorary title of 2017 Excellent Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Service Provider of Data Center.
@hub won the Award of 2017 Most Influential Enterprise in China’s IDC Industry.
@hub Baoshan Data Center was included in the list of China’s Green Data Centers (the 1st Batch).
Alibaba @hub Zhangbei Data Center was officially built and opened.
@hub was officially approved by the Stock Issuance Review Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission.
@hub Company was awarded the title of Shanghai Famous Brand by Shanghai Famous Brand Recommendation Committee.
Xishi project of @hub Company started.
@hub Company won the Award of 2015 Most Influential Enterprise in China Data Center.
@hub Company won the title of 2014-2015 Excellent Operation Service Unit of Data Center.
The first and second phase of @hub Tieshan Data Center were officially put into production, and the end users were well-known Internet companies in China.
Invested and established a wholly-owned subsidiary-Zhangbei @hub Information Technology Co., Ltd., which was responsible for investment, design, construction and operation of the Zhangbei project.
The first phase of Zhangbei Data Center officially started construction.
Completed the overall shareholding system transformation, and the company was officially renamed Shanghai @hub Co., Ltd.
Invested and established a wholly-owned subsidiary--Shanghai Yangtze River Estuary @hub Technology Co., Ltd., which was responsible for the construction and operation of projects of Baoshan Data Center of @hub.
The 69@SH data center project, customized by @hub and China Unicom for the world's leading e-commerce enterprises, began construction.
The “Cloud Building Block Box Cloud Computing Center System” of @hub officially obtained national invention patents, which made @hub form an independent intellectual property system.
Served more customers-Netease, 263, etc.
The 628@HZ Data Center was officially put into production.
The operation of China's leading Internet facility service providers has taken shape.
Hangzhou Shugang Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, was invested and established. The data center of phase I of 628@HZ was officially built and put into production, and the end users were the world's leading electronic payment platforms.
185@HZ data center was put into production, and the end user was some global leading Internet search service enterprise.
Won two internationally renowned annual awards in data center industry of DatacenterDynamics: Large Data Center Innovation Award and Annual Best Team Award of Data Center.
The company won the title of "The Preferred Brand for Operational Service Users of Cloud Computing Infrastructure Platforms" issued by (CCW Research) and the title of "The First Customer Satisfaction for Operational Services of Cloud Computing Infrastructure Platforms".
4 projects are implemented in one year across three places by the team of 18 people.
Became a data center service provider for non-telecom operators serving large domestic Internet companies.
Won 2011-2012 China IDC Annual Achievement Award.
Approved by the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, “Cloud Computing Infrastructure Service Platform” of @hub was included in the “2011 Shanghai Municipal Government Major Project”.
217@SH and 223-2@SH were officially put into operation, and the end users were the world's leading mobile Internet social platforms.
223@SH signed the contract, and the second customized data center was completed, the end users of which were large global Internet social platforms and China's leading Internet game service providers.
China's leading commercial containerized data center "Cloud Building Block".
Obtained ISO27001 information security management system certification and ISO9001 quality management system certification.
National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC officially accepted 16 patent applications submitted by @hub.
219@SH, the only retail data center and business data center of @hub Company, was built and put into production, and Internet payment platforms such as Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment were gathered and settled.
On Nov. 18, 2009, Shanghai @hub Investment Co., Ltd. was founded.
With the establishment of Hangzhou Hanrong Information Technology Co., Ltd., @hub’s wholly-owned subsidiary, the first customized data center 536@HZ was built and put into production, the end users of which were the cloud computing service providers with the highest market shares in the domestic market.