Industry evaluation

What the industry thinks of AtHub
“The domestic modular data center cloud building blocks created by @hub has achieved flexible deployment and dynamic resource deployment of data centers. It is conducive to rationally allocate resources and improve utilization rate, promote energy saving and emission reduction, and truly realize green computing.”
Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of China Cloud Computing Expert Committee

Li Deyi

“@hub’s data center adopts the domestic leading electronic tool management platform which covers the lifecycle and self-development of the data center, giving it a 'smart brain'.”
Dell’s President in Greater China

Huang Chenhong

“@hub’s data center design has given full play to and demonstrated the art of balance, which has accumulated valuable and best practice for the domestic industry and established the actual benchmark for the industry.”
Head of China Data Center Committee and chairman of China Data Center Expert Committee

Zhong Jinghua

“@hub has broken through the traditional data center design standards. It has applied ITIL's capacity planning and flexible deployment design concept from the perspective of dimensions including physical space, capacity and time. It has adopted a large number of world leading new technologies of green data center, and set up a new benchmark for the total cost of ownership (TCO) of large data centers in China.”
Chief technology officer of Datacenter Dynamics in North America, a professional data center analysis organization

Stephen Worn

“As China’s leading green data center, @hub’s energy efficiency is 40% higher than the average. @hub is very active in improving energy efficiency because its customers usually prefer long-term renting and @hub is responsible for the infrastructure costs. @hub has excellent power monitoring to help further improve its energy efficiency.”
Energy saving expert of Data Center of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) of U.S. Department of Energy

Dale Sartor