Enterprise profile

@hub is Shanghai’s state-owned assets investment holding enterprise. After seven years of rapid development, @hub was successfully listed on the A share main board capital market on Feb. 8, 2017, becoming one of the few data center providers listed on the main board of the IPO of Shanghai Stock Exchange. With the approaching of the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress, the CSRC(China Securities Regulatory Commission) organized publicity tours and reporting activities for one hundred listed companies. 107 quality listed companies were selected by the Listing Department and Issuance Department of CSRC as the important achievement of capital market development since the 18th Communist Party of China National Congress. With its leading position in the industry and standard corporate governance, @hub was recognized by CSRC and was honored to join the publicity tours of the one hundred excellent listed companies.
After many years of development, @hub has reached the international advanced level in the field of cloud computing data center technology. So far, our core technical indicators of cloud computing data center can compare with global cloud computing giants including Amazon, Google and Microsoft. In Dec. 2012, @hub won two international awards of DatacenterDynamics which is known as the “Oscar Award” in the international data center industry, which means that @hub’s proficiency has been recognized by the industry worldwide. Approved by the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress in Jan. 2012, Shanghai @hub cloud computing service platform was included in the “2012 Shanghai Municipal Government Major Projects”. At the same time, @hub also took the lead in designing, investing and operating Asia's first data center using clean energy on a large scale, setting a successful example for the international green cloud computing infrastructure industry. In 2017, @hub won the national top technology award of the industry “Data Center Technology Award-Excellent Technology Award (Energy Efficiency)”, which has once again proved that @hub's core technical indicators of data center are at the forefront of the industry.
Founded in 2009
Stock code 603881
Listed in 2017

Leadership care

Yu Zhengsheng, chairman of CPPCC, visited @hub for research

Li Keqiang, premier of the State Council, cordially met Zeng Li, CEO of @hub

Han Zheng, member of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee ,then secretary of Shanghai municipal party committee, inspected @hub

Hu Jintao, China’s former president, cordially shook hands with Zeng Li