Operation & Maintenance

Operation and management support

The facilities and operation and maintenance team of Shanghai @hub are ready to provide you with help and support at any time. Please take them as your resources for data center design and best practice recommendation. For non-emergencies, they are available at 021-31762188.

Commissioned operation and installation service

Please provide our certified engineers with information as detailed as possible so as to satisfy your needs. Whether you are an international telecom service provider or a corporate customer deploying key business applications, you may trust our professional engineers at Shanghai @hub to operate and install your equipment and systems on your behalf.
Our commissioned operation and installation service includes the following 24/7/365 support for the installation and scheduling of equipment and infrastructure.

Troubleshooting of electrical circles, loops and optical fibers

The commissioned operation service package of Shanghai @hub, including troubleshooting of software and hardware, customized configuration and installation, and auxiliary support for other technical issues, is charged on an hourly basis according to the service level committed.
Diamond service: 10 hours of telephone support; gold service: 5 hours of telephone support; silver service: 2 hours of telephone support; standard service: no service level committed.