Cloud service solutions

@hub provides advanced big data, cloud computing, safe and reliable new Internet technology, and massive computing, storage, network, CDN, BGP resources by cloud service solutions, and cooperates with ecological partners to help companies develop their business rapidly, flexibly and safely with high reliability and low costs.

@hub lifecycle solution business module

  • Multi-region quality experience

    Enjoy the same high speed and stable network service in multiple regions with extensive connectivity, minute-level construction of enterprise-scale network, and cloud access nearby
  • Low-cost and convenient management

    Protect existing investment, and provide convenient cloud access, simple operation and maintenance management and price competitive scheme
  • Flexible resources

    Frontier big data ability, massive computing, storage, network resources
  • Compliance, safety and disaster recovery

    Pass national security compliance review; on-cloud and off-cloud integrated safety protection ability; disaster recovery backup at metro region tier

HCS, Hybrid Cloud Solution


Three advantages of Hybrid Cloud Solution

High performance, scalability & flexible infrastructure (IaaS)
  • Computing resources, storage & network service
Local deployment, cloud deployment & mobile innovation platform (PaaS)
  • Content, analysis & user transaction service
  • Integration service
  • Safety & identification service
  • Develop & deployment service
Free choice of private or public cloud deployment
  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud

Cloud service business consulting

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