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Data center is a very complex system, and it is not easy to meet high reliability, high availability and low cost requirements, which can’t be achieved by a single link but requires comprehensive, systematic consideration and evaluation, careful implementation and long-term optimization and improvement. Lifecycle management is not only an inevitable trend, but also a future.
@hub data center lifecycle management is a data center which allows us to design and operate the data center systematically and carefully in long-term by a set of tools and methodology, and is not limited on one point, one equipment or one stage. Specifically, from the beginning of data center consulting and design, it guides the designer to design from a forward-looking prospective, not only see the beginning period of investment, but also see how to ensure the availability and high-economy in operating stage in future; at construction stage of data center, it guides people to select the most suitable products (including UPS, air conditioning, and power distribution equipment) to ensure high availability and high energy-saving at the system level; at the operating stage, it guides operation and maintenance staff to meet power supply and refrigeration requirements of IT equipment by constantly optimizing power supply and refrigeration, and meanwhile reduce energy consumption.

@hub lifecycle solution business module

  • Scheme

    Own scheme design team
  • Structure

    Own structure design team
  • Design

    Class A qualification in architectural engineering design
  • Construction

    General engineering contracting qualification
  • Verification

    Own verification team and equipment
  • Operation and maintenance

    Self-developed software platform
  • Site selection

    Own profession, resource development and address selection team

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