Data center customization

much better than traditional data centers in terms of energy efficiency and overall efficiency

What is data center customization?

According to complex and diverse application deployment requirement characteristic of large data center customer (for example, large Internet enterprise or financial institution), meet the unique data center service requirements of end users by providing customized plan, design, system integration and operating management service, such as high cost-effective on specific SLA basis, supporting flexible and diverse module IT structure, vertical integrated design of data center and customer computing system/storage system/network/system layer software/platform software/business application software, coupling/decoupling of IT system and data center module according to requirements, flexible deployment based on dimensions such as network structure server cluster size, higher integration with user server cluster, and automatic operation of data center, so as to achieve a data center which is highly adapted to the end-to-end system and the services hosted by the end-user industry, and much better than a traditional data center in terms of energy efficiency and overall efficiency.

Why choose data center customization?

Cost saving

Shanghai @hub Corporation has design and engineering management at international level, discount on batch equipment purchase, and shared infrastructure such as electricity system, and we can help customer with controlling engineering construction cost effectively.
Customized data center is “private data center” of large enterprise customer. Generally speaking, when the power demand of a data center customer is more than 1,000KVA, the cost advantage of adopting a customized data center will be obvious

Construction speed

Compared to a fully self-built data center which needs 2-year time period or more, the customized data center’s construction and design are based on existing data center base module, and its construction period is greatly shortened. Shanghai @hub Corporation usually takes only 3 months to complete the construction of a small and medium-size data center with an area of 5,000 square meters.

100% customized design

Although part of data center construction work is outsourced, the ownership of part of data center facility doesn’t belong to data center user, but the users can 100% customize to Shanghai @hub Corporation according to users’ own design requirement, safety management level, operation and maintenance monitoring standard and procedure with no difference with self-built data center.

How to price data center customization?

The price of data center customization is based on the price system on the basis of fixed rents per kilowatt (Yuan/kW) and prorated costs. Our high-efficiency data center design ensures that the customers’ operating expenses are strictly controlled. We provide transparent and detailed estimate of the expense detail for customer.

Advantage of @hub customized data center

We are the leading telecom neutral wholesale data center service provider in China. Our international team has rich experience of many years in design, operation, maintenance and management of international and domestic large data centers, maintaining high availability and efficiency and keeping cost lowest. Through our customized data center, the customers can obtain exclusive data center infrastructure, safety and private management, and monitor temperature, humidity, power use condition and other information of data center in real time through our customer website MyHub.

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