Data center construction

In-depth layout across the country to take full advantage of rich big data resources

Four advantages of management team

Manage projects more professionally, which include civil engineering project manager and electrical project manager
More than 80% of the project managers have the national registered constructor certificate of level 1
Ensure backup and delivery on time and quality
Mains electricity, submission for construction approval and government relationship belong to engineering center, and ensure the synchronous promotion within and beyond boundary line

Data center management ability


Ability to deliver on time and quality

The ability to deliver on time and quality leads the industry

Cost control ability

Standardize reproducible management methods, and conduct quick copy to new project

Multi-project parallelism ability

Parallel ability of 20 or more large-scale projects with well-controlled process

Smooth and rapid project replication ability

Control modifications within a controllable range in whole process

Data center management methods

With the past 9 years of data center construction, Shanghai @hub keeps on summarizing and optimizing management methods in project implementation progress. A set of standardized management methods have been formed from the initial continuous encounter with problems at the beginning to each subsequent project review and targeted solution of the problems encountered. These standardized management methods include:
Drawing examination standardization
Detail disclosure standardization
Organizational structure standardization
On-site management standardization
Construction schedule plan standardization
Standardization of division of labor interface

Data center classic case


@hub BaoShan Data Center

@hub ZhangBei Data Center

@hub Shenzhen Baolong Profit Creation Project

@hub Shenzhen Baolong

  • Profit Creation Project,@HUB has set a 75-day delivery record

@hub ZhangBei Data Center

  • The first data center to use clean energy on a large scale in Asia. Set a successful example for the international green cloud computing infrastructure industry

@hub BaoShan Data Center

  • Awarded “The First National Green Data Center”by the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization, MIIT